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Eyebrow threading is a true lifesaver for removing hair in the eye area. Eyebrows act as a frame for the eyes. Well shaped eyebrows give neatness, expression and a balance to the face. Owners of Justbrow, with their passion and years of experience of providing excellent threading services specializing in eyebrows have trained their employees with the painless technique and eyebrow shapes. Our threaders are some of the best trained in the business, and put their unique talent to work ensuring excellent customer service.

After shaping up eyebrows, its best look is achieved by coloring it evenly without showing up on our skin, as well as tinting eyebrows exaggerates the look you deserve for any event upcoming. Let's get prepared for the evening with best look on our full face along with smooth skin and with or without make up.

When Mom said “you were growing into a beautiful young woman”, this probably wasn’t what you had in mind. To remove upper-lip hair, threading is the best way to do so and also to avoid fine lines around the lip.

Think about the stubborn chin hairs, a problem for some women, can be cleaned and a flaw less look can be achieved.

Most importantly forehead and neck line, which not only demands for smooth skin but also compliments our hair style both from front and back when we don’t want to let our hair down for obvious reasons. Needless to say threading full face opens our skin pores which is an added advantage for ease of skin breathing as well as this technique doesn't stretch our skin hence helps in restoring or delaying aging process whilst keeping the age hidden for a long time to come.

We all have facial hair, but sideburns can be especially troubling women. Women’s sideburns usually grow stringy and are difficult to manage. Threading reveals a smooth skin on the side of the face.

They are the most important part of our hair style, jaw line and face structure, might look like just hair but side burns are the one which we curl around our ears to show off our ear rings, or interests......you exactly know where we are heading to. Wouldn’t that be of trouble if they are short and uneven, can’t be curled nor can they be straight we just want them to be in perfect shape and alignment for them to compliment our gestures, and yes less irritant while busy at work. Let our professionals take care of them for you and you just have to decide and we provide that tiny things that really matter most in daily life.

We recommend facial removal of hair as it lays a smooth foundation for makeup and most of the time its less creams required to cover up than with hair. Those minute hairs can also be removed by this process and reveal your beautiful skin for that glow on face which would have been masked earlier.

You don't want an uneven neckline when you style your hair in any updo or ponytail. It will bring out the best when hairstyling.

Have you ever wondered how to get that perfect look with makeup. Threading full face reveals a smooth skin on which the makeup blends perfectly to enhance your beauty.